Beverage Packaging: Tall Tales

Packaging design for a fictional beverage company.

"Clyde Williams was the most renowned mixologist in all of Denver's Rocky Mountains until prohibition forced him to shut down his tavern. Not to be deterred from his true calling, Clyde began crafting his own "pop" recipes based upon his favorite childhood stories. He prided himself on his ability to combine the all natural, with the unusual, to create palate pleasin' concoctions.
In a small basement hidden within the Rocky's, "Tall Tales" was born. We grew up loving our Grandpa's passion, and now we wish to share his legacy with you."
- Claude & Wes Williams
The assignment was to brand and promote a beverage that has multiple varieties to offer. We created a wordmark for the company and packaging for at least three varieties of drink.

The brand is based on a mixologist in Denver, Colorado during the 1920s and 30s. He owned a bar, Tall Tales, that reopen as a soda pop bar during prohibition, creating soda of unusual flavors. Now his grandsons are here to share their grandpa's passion with everyone. 

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